Sunday, 20 October 2013

Merry Christmas- Help Bring HOPE!

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope the holidays are turning out jolly and awesome for one and all!

I have been posting this link daily on my facebook page: it is the page to vote for the HDSA (Huntington's Disease Society of America) to win $50,00 in social media funding- thus promoting awareness! Awareness can lead to more funding and donations, which will eventually lead to successful treatments, maybe even a cure one day!

As I said before, my Mom suffers from this disease. It is a horrible thing. It's genetic, and they can do genetic testing to count your sequence of the CAG repeating in your DNA-- over a certain number means you will eventually start showing symptoms of the disease, that you have it, and could have passed it down to your children (a child of an HD positive parent has a 50/50chance of inheriting it-- I myself am not ready to be tested....).

This disease takes away your sanity, your ability to control your own muscles, all of your independence. You can pass away from complications such as infection (it lowers your immune system) or even breathing in air too fast and choking (you lose control of involuntary muscle movement).

So, this holiday, share the gift of hope, and vote for the HSDA in the link above!

Happy and Safe holidays to my friends in the blog world! Enjoy this precious time with your family!!

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