Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bucket List

, I've mentioned I have a 'Bucket List' on a previous entry. Guess it makes sense to post some of it, eh?

1. I've always wanted to tell people about my epic high school crush!
2. I'd love to get to a body shape I am content with!
3.On a related note, I'd love to check off at the doc's with a clean bill of health!
4. I would LOVE to go back to college-- maybe not for music, but to come out of it with a bachelor's degree!
5. I think it would be awesome to take 3 trips with my husband- Vegas, Tokyo, and Paris
6. I'd love to RV across the USA! *cheesy? lol yeah...*
7. I want to take a family trip to Puerto Rico so the boys can see part of their heritage in action (it wouldn't hurt Hubs, either!)
8. I'd love to get published- either written word or music!
9. I'd love to see my kids grow into respecting young men!
10. I want to raise as much money as humanly possible for HD Research!
11. I'd love to have the wedding reception I never got to have- pretty dress and all!
12. I want to work back on my family geneology-- really take the effort and work on it!

Well-- those are a few, there are definitely more! I often wonder how many years I have to work on this bad boy-- never too early to start!

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